Write Song - How do I write a hit?

Write a song

You are a musician and you are working on your solo career or have a band? Then you probably want to write a song as soon as possible that will break the charts. In our E-book, you will find 10 helpful tipsHow to get closer to this goal.

You mean, creativity is everything, if you have a No. Want to write 1 hit? We believe that creativity and personality do not hurt at least. However, for a song that wants to get to the top of the charts, there are some rules that you should keep in mind. Our e-book gives you an overview of what is needed to write a successful song.

Solid craftsmanship is a must

Write a good song when you master your craft perfectly. This rule applies to every art and consequently to your songs. For a No. However, 1 Hit is also required to meet the tastes of the masses. If you write a wonderful song that does not meet this requirement, you will have little chance of getting a first place in the charts.

Successful songs follow a solid structural structure. What this looks like and what design options you have in this context, read in our book. We also discuss the question of why there are popular chords in every pop era that you, too, can not do without your potential hit.

Know and use the formulas

Musicologists know that popular chords are about captivating audiences. Of course, the zeitgeist also plays a role, but the core of these formulas is to create a pleasant feeling in the listeners through certain harmonies. If you write a song without integrating those formulas, you probably have no chance of getting a No. 1 hit. This really requires creativity - after all, you should meet the taste of your listeners without copying the recipes of success of other musicians. However, there are also a number of such formulas, for which no plagiarism protection applies. Of course, you can still be creative and authentic. Formulas are only one side of a successful song - if you know and master them, you can also afford individual or offbeat tones.

The market requires teamwork

Likewise, as a professional musician, you can not ignore this. The team involved is not just about your band. Your partner for a successful song is the music industry. The marketing experts and the record label controllers want to know if it pays to invest in your songs. You're in a production process where you need to collaborate with others and understand them to write a potential hit. We explain what the "industry" wants from you and why it can make sense to hire a producer.

Of course, with our e-book, we can not guarantee that you will write a song that will become the no. 1 will hit. In any case, our 10 tips for a potential hit will help you to keep in mind the demands of the market as you work.