Driving with a clear and uninhibited passion for contemporary post-punk, LA’s God Zoo skillfully balance nostalgia and freshness throughout a host of new releases.
Made up of music scene veterans, the three-piece boasts performances from the Sunset Strip to the Bowery, appearing at numerous dive bars along the way.
With Tommy on Vocals, Dee on Guitar, and John on Bass, God Zoo not only offer up a memorable band name, but an equally memorable and increasingly impressive new sound and songwriting style.
Storming through with an explosive debut, the album City Of Lights tipped its hat to the tones and legends of yesteryear, as well as offering a refreshing take on modern post-punk and profoundly intentional songwriting. Fusing all that hits hard, with a new-wave melodic flavor and a plethora of passion, the band lead with impressive musicianship and a clear love for the art-form. Featuring dashes of Electro, a likable influence from Britpop, and a few unexpected flickers of 80’s Disco, their instrumentals cascade around you, while considerate lyrics prove deeply emotive and often heart-breakingly relevant. The unforgettable „Shoot It Down“ presents a joyful peak, while the darkness and anguish of feeling like an outsider is laid bare in “Sufferers“.
Forever striving to build a genre all their own, the band have put their live show on hiatus and hit the studio turning love, loss and real-life issues into moving textures and high energy anthems. Their latest release is 90210 – an addictive and colorful pop-punk banger that delightfully honors the infamous TV show and its triumphant recent return. Their next project – But Darling… What If You Fly? – is due for release this Octobe. Following this, All The Pretty Animals will make its long-awaited debut – featuring new singles “Downtown“, and “Infected“.
Despite their achievements and an ever-growing catalogue, this is still very much the beginning. Absolutely an act worth checking out as 2020 approaches.


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