An Alternative for Berlin aka The World. The formation of emotions, rock attitude and belly. According to a barely known legend five lonely riders met at the Backstage Bar in Berlin to form the Alternative Rock Band “The Honest Rest”. Although this legend sounds quite interesting, the real story of
“THR” is much less spectacular. Due to a lot of lineup changes only André Albrecht (rhythm guitar, song writing), Phil Kayser (bass) and Marco Krause (drums) remained as “The Honest Rest”, sitting in the rehearsal room and wondering, what to do. During some months and more frustrating than exciting vocal castings (maybe Ebay wasn`t the right platform for attracting a singer), Dirk joined the band at the end of October. His exeptional voice combined with the outstanding song material composed by André Albrecht
formed the basis for their unique songs. In December 2018 they started recording the first five songs which led to the release of the EP “3 Months” on Feb. 1 st 2019. The feedback was outstanding, mainly through first releasing some lyrics videos on YouTube and then adding two official videos for “Far Away” and “Falling Down”. The success of their first steps into the business required some changes in lineup: Marco threw away the drumsticks (no one was hurt though) and grabbed the rhythm guitar showing all band members who’s the rhythm king. The abandoned drum-stool was conquered by André Seydler (who always wanted to join) and now the five riders saddled their rockin’ horses to take their music out into the wider world (or at least Berlin). The changes in lineup didn’t slow down the flow of creative energy. Quite the contrary: Recording of new songs is finished and, the gods of alternative rock hopefully being merciful, release of “Gone Forever” will be in October/November this year, so stay tuned. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or
Mitglieder / Members
Dirk: vocals
André: drums
Phil: bass
Marco: rhythm guitar
André: lead guitar

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