Being on the road is known to either make or break a band. After 400+ shows crisscrossing North America over the past four years, The Wilderness has come out stronger than ever. The Kingston, Ontario based 6-piece has the passion and perseverance to put in the hard work needed. The result has been the formation of a ravenous fanbase that continues to grow with each performance.

As a band built on their live performance, The Wilderness has mastered the art of grabbing attention. Their live energy is infectious and demands even the casual listener to perk up and get drawn into the excitement happening on stage. There is no holding back as The Wilderness share honest personal experiences, both good and bad, with the fans. This has made it easy for a wide variety of people to connect with the band and support them in their quest.

The Wilderness has no signs of slowing down now with a breakout seemingly on the short horizon. With the success of two singles and a strong EP already under their belts, The band now has plans for a new string of singles to keep their music and lives in the ears and minds of their rabid fans.

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