Vacant Image is speaking to a generation. This Australian alternative, hard rock, powerhouse band is making an impact in the hard rock scene. The intricacy, the emotional depth of the lyrics, the intensity, and the sheer force of their output, places them in a class of their own. This Melbourne-based, world-class band will unleash their highly anticipated new album, Sister Anxiety, worldwide in 2019 through Sliptrick Records.

Sister Anxiety, an album showcasing passion and power, delivers real, raw emotion. With vocalist Josh Vanek also on guitar, Chris Sheppard on drums Performed by James Barwick and Andrew Gilbert on bass, they provide one of the hardest hitting albums within the genre. Vacant Image have written and recorded an album that commands you to lift those feet. The band has uniquely designed an album full of grooves, stadium anthems and catchy hooks. This is exemplified in the track, Faceless Maturity, which beautifully contrasts with the soulful ballad, Handsome Devil.

Formed in Melbourne Australia, Vacant Image has cemented themselves as one of Alternative Rock’s most promising newcomers. This is evidenced in their 2017 debut album Before 12 (Independent). This album garnered a unanimously positive reaction from fans and critics across the globe.

Combining musical versatility and a unique live show that aims to motivate, uplift and empower the listener Vacant Image take pride in their live shows.



Instagram: vacantimageband

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