With the seven songs on Zitters latest release, We are the Vultures (2020), the band proclaim wherefrom they are and what they have become by feeding on riff oriented hardrock from the 70’s and 80’s, as well as melodic punk and synth music. The autobiographical lyrics, partly written tongue-in-cheek, are performed with honesty and conviction, by the singer and bass player Fred Z.

After a brief sojourn into the metal galaxy with the 2019 release droppeD, Zitter now return to their self-proclaimed vultureistic beak n’ roll machine music sound. That stands clear from the very beginning of the title track, We are the Vultures. This song, with its opening double kick assault, was the obvious opener of the shows Zitter made in Stockholm, Sweden, during the winter of 2020. The solid groove, the steady pace and the energy from the opening title track, continues with variations through the stirring 90/90 Show, the national anthem The Vulture Machine and the in yer face-attitude track Not the 2nd Best.

The guitarist B Gustaf steps up to do the lead vocals on Vulture Radio and The Vultures of the Night, something he hasn’t done since the album Happy Fools’ Parade (2002). The software drummer Macalico Adee delivers no vocals, but gives character to the songs with beats that will make your body move. Electronic sounds add an extra flavor to the songs.

We are the Vultures is a digital only release on the bands’ own label Vulture Nest Productions, distributed worldwide by AWAL.

The band’s sound is previously best defined on Alligator Highway (2005), The Vulture Punk N’ Roll Machine (2006) and Quintus (2010). On the 2019 release droppeD, Zitter delivered metal flavoured material. The contrast is stark compared to the previous EP, Still Alive but in a Different Way (2017), which was written and recorded during a period filled with sorrows.

Zitters music is represented on collection discs released by the American record label 3000Records, on the DVD Cowabunga Extravagance (Seven Films) and in several movie productions and videos made by the renowned horror-comedy filmmakers Rotten Soulz from Umeå, Sweden. Several songs from droppeD found their way into New Nordic Indies playlists as well as to other internet based radio stations.

The live performance of Personal Hero at Chinateatern, Stockholm, Sweden, in 2008, is Zitters most popular video on YouTube. The performance took place during a charity show to raise money for the research about the chronic disease cystic fibrosis.

E-mail: vulturenestproductions@gmail.com
Homepage: www.zitter.se
Facebook: www.facebook.com/zitterswan
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Zitterswan/videos
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zitter_music/

Zitters music is available on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Google Music, Amazon Music and other major digital music distribution platforms.

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